54 thoughts on “But Mama…

  1. The baby owls (owlets?) are too, too cute! You must have been super sleuth to not be detected by Mama Owl. Hope they will be safe and grow big and strong.

    • Hi Juanita. Mama owl knows we are there. She and daddy owl puts up with all of us ooggling over the owlets.

    • Thanks, Inese. It’s was cold all through March when mama owl sat on the nest. We still get below freezing in some mornings. This is the time of year the owls lay and hatch their eggs.

    • I suspected ther were two, and I won’t be surprised if a third pops up soon. Thanks, Laurie.

    • You are welcome, Tiffany. I’m happy to share their cutness with you. Thanks, for dropping by and participating in the owl party.

    • Hi Julie. When mama brings food, the owlets grab at her and get very excited. It’s really fun to watch. Daddy Owl catches food, gives the prey to Mama Owl and she feeds the owlets. Itneresting division of labor. Daddy Owl gaurds the nest from one side and Mama Owl the other side. My neighbor said a coyote stopped near the nest the other morning and Daddy Owl attacked the coyote and drove it away.

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