Hello! Is Anobody in There?

Is anyone at home?

Our power went out while we were working on our computers this afternoon. Laurie stood up, looked into the sunroom, and said: “There’s the Peacock!” I got up, looked and sure enough, the Peacock was standing on the landing looking through the sunroom door as if he wanted in. After taking a few photos, I opened the door and asked him if he wanted to come inside, but he decided he didn’t want to come inside and ran off. I followed him around the property, talked to him, and got a few photos. Our traipse through the grasses, irrigation ditches, over the shed and through some bamboo, along with our rather one-sided conversation, was interrupted by a gas company tech needing access to our gas meeter that is nestled under a large rosebush.

We both said, “the Peacock” when he was at the sunroom door because the cats woke me up at dawn scrambling over me and jumping off of me to look at the peacock as he walked by the bedroom window. I went out and got a couple of early morning photos of him before he disappeared into the thick underbrush along the south side of the property.

I don’t know who he belongs to. I called a neighbor who called people she knew who had peacocks in the past, but none of them have peacocks these days. Where he came from and how long he will stay is a mystery.


A tell-tale tail

62 thoughts on “Hello! Is Anobody in There?

  1. Quite a story and magnificent bird! (A Bosque peacock…who would have guessed? ๐Ÿคญ )

    • Thanks, Gabriela. He’s welcome to stay around as long as he likes. I’d love to see him spread his tail feathers and strut around a bit.

      • I’ll do my best. I think they have to be very comfortable or have a female around to impress before they do much spreading and strutting. You know how guys are?

    • Thanks, Beth. I was about to say “Thanks, Pilgrim” but thought that sounded too much like John Wyne. The peacock was a really nice surprise.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I used to here them crying in the night. They sound like banshees. Pretty unerving if you don’t know what’s making the noise.

  2. Well how cool was that! Beautiful bird!
    This past summer we went to a back roads antique store. As we pulled into the driveway of the antique store… there were 3 Peacocks along with an Emu. When I went to see the Emu there were 5 more peacocks in the field.
    The owners said they like to propagate!

    • Hi Cindy. I put out leftover food from out birds yesterday, so there is plenty to eat around the property. He’ll probably find his way home.

    • Hi couriers, He is lovely. He may be a wanderer. He’s living here for the moment. He came to the bedroom window at 6:30 am again this morning and got the cats all riled up.

    • Hi Teri. No. They get riled when re comes to the bedroom window at 6:30 in the morning, but they just watch him with curiousity outside. He’s a very large bird.

  3. We used to have peacocks at the nursery and their babies always seemed to me like large, timid rabbits. The odd male that went off maurauding in the nearest village in search for a mate could be problematical. I hope yours will toe the line.

  4. I’ve been missing you last few posts, I had to refollow Tim. This is amazingly beautiful. I wish I could look out and see a beautiful creature like that! New Mexico rocks.

  5. What a beautiful treat! I used to have a neighbor that had an albino peacock, he was always coming over to our property, I remember he was a lot bigger than you might think!

  6. OMG! He’s gorgeous! Are you feeding him?
    Do they find food on their own?
    Has he met the cats, and vice – versa?
    I hope he stays!

    • I put some of Beaker’s and Sรธren’s food out for him. Water, also. Marble is in love with him. She’s been hanging out as close as he will let her get to him. I haven’t been able to sneak close enough to get photos. He has been staying on the south side of the property where there are lots of trees and underbrush to hide in. I have not seen him venture near you tree, which is on the north side of the property. He also likes to sit under the honeysuckle along the path on the west side of the house. He was in the labyrinth I cut in the black bamboo with Marble about 15 minutes ago.

      • Ahh, he’s still hiding out, somewhat.
        That’s so cute that Marble is enchanted.
        They are both well decorated animals, so they have that commonality.

  7. Oh! Great shots. I was so excited about the appearance of a Peacock, that’s all I could think about.
    Hey, if he goes near my tree, that would be a gorgeous shot!
    I think this is good luck!

    • Thanks, Julie. Our neighbor complained about him so animal control came a got him and took him to some people who have hen peacocks.

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