Spider & Speed

I hope you don’t mind if I get some climbing practice in on your screen? BTW I’m Mighty Mike.

While I was working on the schedule for NM Tech, a jumping spider named Mighty Mike dropped onto my MacBook Pro to check what condition his condition was in, and then he promptly climbed up my screen and then hung out on top of it for a while striking various spiderly poses.

Laurie’s been teaching her high school math classes from home for the past couple of months, and I’ve been mostly working from home for the past six weeks. Laurie is on video conference for several hours each day, and I have at least one video conference each day during the week. With all the video conferencing, our 12Mbps down and 896Kbps up Internet service was not cutting it. Unfortunately, our local ISP who has provided wonderful service over the past 20 years, does not have the infrastructure in our area to provide us with faster Internet service. Comcast offered Gigabit Internet, so I upgraded. Because of the restrictions in our MacBooks’ wireless, we can only get up to 400Mbps down over WiFi (generally around 300Mbps down), but when I connected my Macbook Pro to a gigabit switch with an ethernet cable I got 939Mbps down, which is close enough to gig speed for Rock & Roll when it comes to Internet download speeds.

The grid on your spreadsheet makes climbing easier.
I can make an “M” like the one on your screen. Is that “M” there to remind you of Mighty Mike? You’re one cool dude.
Is this a good Arnold pose for a spider?
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 6.47.37 PM
Speedy Internet speeds.

39 thoughts on “Spider & Speed

  1. I am glad you guys were able to upgrade your service, nice! I have similar speeds here via Cox. You are far more charitable than I would be with the creepy crawly!

    • Thanks, John. I love spiders. Especially jumping spiders. You should see them catch pesky flies on the wing.

      • I suppose if you had an allergic reaction. But they are not aggressive, and will walk around on you. If you teased them or started to squash one it might bite.

    • I don’t know the range of these guys. You probably have a different type up north if you have jumping spiders at all. Thanks, Laurie.

    • Ha ha ha ha. You are a clever one, Mr. puzzelbume. Yes. I would think all spiders would like to be on the world wide web.

  2. I amhaving the same type of spider in my house, when I remember well they have 1 or 2 pair of eyes on top of thei face 🙂

    • Hi Harry. This type of Jumping Spider as two large eyes on the front of its face, two pair of eveys on each side of its face, and one pair of eyes on the top of its head.

  3. We get these fellows who just drop in from time to time. They are harmless creatures, and we let them be. I do try to get them away from the cats though, they are not so charitable.

    • We are always telling the kitties to leave the spiders along. Kitties are fascinated by anything that moves. Thanks, Lavinia.

  4. Mighty Mike is mighty cute, Tim. I really do try, but I don’t really like spiders. They’re fine if they stay outside. Yesterday I opened the front door, and nearly put my hand on a black widow who was sitting beside the door handle for the glass door. I don’t usually shriek about bugs, but that one got a shrill sound from me. I sent her off into the bushes… (LOL, no that’s not what caused the panic attack, but it didn’t help.) o_O Hugs.

    • Thanks, Teagan. Fortunately, black widows rarely bite, but they do cause a fright. Black widows aren’t very calming for most people.

  5. O, my gosh! Is that a sign? Timothy you have the most fascinating experiences, I’m really glad you chose to share them with us! I’m not a fan of spiders but there’s something about Mighty Mike, I think it’s the Arnold pose.

    • Thanks, Holly. Jumping spiders are really cute and they are playful as far as spiders go. I’ve had them play hide and seek where the hide behind a cushion pop up like “Surprise!”, hide and do it again and again. I can almost hear them laughing when they play hide and seek.

  6. That’s a cute jumping spider! We have a similar policy, we either leave spiders alone or give them a careful escort to the outside when necessary.

  7. Nice spider, & say hi for me!
    Comcast messed up my internet, or was it my cable TV… Whatever, I’m just on regular, now.
    Arnold…. as in Schwarzenegger?
    Did he say he’d be back?

  8. Good numbers on your Gigabit speed. While the down and up speeds matter, what matters more is latency (ping). On a 12Mbps broadband connection, your latency can range anywhere between 40-65 ms. On a Gigabit broadband, it’s what your test result shows, 9 ms, which means a faster page load. If you’re doing more real-time video conferencing, faster the speed the better. My sis, Ginny, when she teaches online, she signs onto her UC account, teaches her class and UC “records” the session. The interactive part is harder. The CenturyLink internet speed she can afford is 25Mbps, so there is a some lag, but is much faster than the 12Mbps most students have access to … to them, it seems to be in real-time.

    Comcast/Xfinity was to supposed to to be available to cable customers last year. Those cable customers who want Gigabit are still waiting for it.

    • I was surprised I could get gig speeds here when the other infrstructure is not available. The compition for bandwith in families with lots of kids and parents working from home is fierce. It’s pretty rough for a lot of people. Our gigabit Intert is afordable at $100/per month.

    • Thanks, Julie. Having eight eyes on my work would be a good thing. With my numb fingers, my typing is pretty bad.

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