Beaver Dam Breaker

The beaver dam breaker lurking around the corner.

The Conservancy has been at it again, breaking up and pulling the beaver dams out of the clearwater ditch with their evil Beaver Dam Breaker.

Below is a short video a did last night of a beaver sliding into the Rio Grande after cutting some willows to snack on along the river bank. We saw four beavers last night and six beavers the night before last.

Not a pretty sight.

40 thoughts on “Beaver Dam Breaker

    • Thanks, Maj and Sher. I find video a challenge. It’s a whole different way of thinking.

  1. Oh wow. You’d think with all the expenses governments are being put through because of the pandemic, the Conservancy’s funding could go to something more important than destroying beaver dams. What’s their justification, anyway? Why do these dams qualify as a problem to them? Something happening downstream they don’t like?

    • Hi Lyn. The Conservancy argues that the dams in a drainage ditch will raise the water table and cause problems for the septic systems. Maybe 50 years ago, but we pump the aquafer so heavily these days that there is no way the beavers are going to raise the water table enough to affect systems. The government seems to keep agencies that destroy things and peoples’ lives well funded.

  2. We have no beavers in the waters next to my home, but an Evil Mowing Digger, coming every year to destroy ereything that is nesting and living near an in the waters of a canal. Yes, bite ,em, with teeth or words! Great video again, Timothy.

  3. This just pisses me off, Tim! Just leave the beavers alone for crying out loud! They deserve homes too! Why why does man continue to destroy? Just shaking my head at the stupidity! Your video is very creatively done. Great job!

  4. Timothy is that a beaver in the water?
    Anyway your videos and your pictures are fantastic. You are great. A lot of work on your propriety. Say hello to everyone and enjoy your Sunday.

    • Hi Gabriela. Yes those are bevers in the woter in the videos. We have lots of them and the Conservancy is always at war with the beavers.

      • Beavers are large animals. They have the have a large watersource to live in. When they can create large ponds they build a house in the middle of the pond that they access underwater. Out here they live in holes in the river banks and ditch banks, because there is not enough room in the ditch to build a beaver house, and the river is too wide and swift to build a beaver house. They spend most of their time in water.

      • Wow. Thank you so much Timothy. Indeed, they looked large in your video. Now I have to figure out whose digging those wholes on my property.
        Have wonderful day. Say hello to everyone.

      • It could be a number of critters: rabbits, squirrels, gophers (gophers leave a mound of dirt covering the hole), badgers, groundhogs, turtles, prairie dogs, foxes, etc. It all depends on where you live.

      • I have most of these. 3/4 of the propriety is not landscaped. It’s woods. Some of those critters are destroying the landscaped part. I have a Spanish fountain and around it there is round trail of bricks. They dig under those bricks. I have to repair that all the time.
        Well, thank you for your kindness Timothy. Have a lovely day.

    • Hi Holly. I’m so happy to hear that. I think they need to bite a little harder. As I keep saying we all need to smile and laugh these days.

  5. You’ve got some great wildlife habitat and viewing there, Tim. Sorry to hear the Powers that Be are still at war with the beavers. Are they just destroying dams or are they attempting to relocate the animals as well?

    • Hi Lavinia. I don’t know where they would relocate them too. I think they might get into serious trouble if they were caught trapping the beavers. Destorying beaver dams keeps machine operators employed.

  6. Another great video Timothy! Love it, you’ve got talent! I don’t see why the heck these folk destroy the dams when the beavers are doing what they do naturally! Creating wetlands for other critters too.

    • Thanks, John. Like the teenagers used to say “Like a big Duh!” You would think they would figure it out, especially out here where water is scarce and the beavers are much better at managing it than we are.

  7. Poor little beavers!
    Why don’t they just leave the poor things alone? What’s the purpose; to kill all living things that have a right to be there?
    Cute video, Tim! The beaver is adorable.

    • Hi Julie. They are building their dams in a drainage ditch, so technacally their dams if left in place would raise the water table, which could cause trouble for the septic systems. However, we pump the aquafer so heavily these days, there is no way they can raise the water table enough to effect the septic systems. Fifty years ago, their dams would have been a problem. Not today.

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