Flamenco in the Old Church

While I was looking for the video file for Bite ‘Em on the Old Shin Bone last night to make a few updates to the video before posting it, I found a video of Laurie (Laura de Corrales) and me (El Cheo) performing Alegrías with Pablo Rodarte in a show we did in the Old Church in Corrales in the mid-1990s. Pablo danced Alegrías, Laura de Corrales is the Palmera, and El Cheo accompanied on guitar. I transferred the video from VHS to m4v several years ago, so the image quality is not very good. However, the sound is not too bad, considering.

In preparing for the show, Laurie and I practiced daily, I practiced with Pablo’s other students several days each week, but when it came to Pablo’s performance our practice together consisted of 15 minutes of Pablo doing a quick run-through of each part of the Alegías a week before the show. I simply had to follow all his leads during the performance.

Laurie and I both studied flamenco dance with Pablo, and I played flamenco guitar for many of his dance classes back in the 1990s before we moved to Spain for almost four years.

The Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales
Laura de Corrales dancing Tanguillos. El Cheo providing guitar accompaniment.

40 thoughts on “Flamenco in the Old Church

  1. I knew about this part of your life, but I had never seen it. Love the video. It also shows a side of the Old Church I had heard about but never witnessed. Speaking of the Old Church, that image sure shows the damage from the “desert hurricane” that tore through, damaging a lot of things. I think of the old house along Corrales Road that had new adobe lovingly applied just before that storm. Laurie looks so cute. A really enjoyable post for many reasons and memories…

    • Thanks, Susan. That was a post hurricane photo of the Old Church. That might have been the past performance of that type in the Old Church. They finally stuccoed the Martinez House. The annual mudding was too much trouble.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful video and interesting post. Thank goodness you still got this footage.

    • Thanks, Herman. I have some other VHS tapes around. I probably should find them and have them converted.

    • Thanks, Michelle. Laurie and I both started dancing flamenco at the same time. Then I got interested in the guitar. Our daughter danced flamenco, also. We had a family flamenco troup for several years.

      • That is so cool when couples have an activity or activities to share. I love seeing videos like this. This why I want to learn to play guitar. My husband played classical guitar as well as bass. I have a thing for bass players I guess. He studied guitar in high school. My brain and my hands can’t quite get it, yet. The dancing is lovely. How romantic for you both. You daughter is so lucky!

      • Guitar is one of the easiest instruments to play and one of the most difficult instruments to play. Like the piano, all the notes and chords are available for composing music. We have always done most things as a family. It helps keep life buzzing along.

      • I have heard that before about learning to play any musical instrument. My brain just learns differently, as does everyone’s. I wish I would have pushed harder for it when I was younger, I wanted to play sports instead. It was truly a money issue. We could not afford both. That is so cool that you guys did that as a family. Music is such a valuable tool as it teaches timing and rhythm and how to work together if you are in a band. I can see it with my hubbys band. If one person is off, the whole band is off. Music is so needed in early education. I think it has brought us closer in our marriage. It gives us a common bond sometimes.

  3. Wow. I don’t believe I have ever really watched an authentic flamenco performance before. As someone who does group percussion, I loved the precise rhythms and interaction between Laurie’s claps and Pablo’s taps. And you did a great job of following Pablo’s cues, if I hadn’t known from the words of your post I would have assumed the two of you had rehearsed together far more than you actually did.

    • Hi Lyn. I’m happy you got to seem some Flamenco. If you ever get a chance to see a live performance it’s much more exciting in person. Flamencos often play the cajón, which you would enjoy being a percussionist.

  4. Wow, that was awesome!! I was waiting for Laurie to jump in there and start dancing! I have always loved watching flamenco, passionate and beautiful, and that was some pretty fine flamenco guitar work there, Tim, bravo!

  5. I remember seeing some photos of you and Laurie dancing before. I’m always captivated and amazed. What lovely memories! The video quality isn’t so bad that it makes it hard to watch. And the sound is great. Kudos to you both. Hugs on the wing.

  6. That was fantastic and wonderful!
    That Pablo is quite the footsman, makes for great percussion for your guitar. Laurie is beautiful, and the guitar sounds great. Thank you for sharing this!

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