51 thoughts on “Holy Bat

  1. Maybe someone shot at this poor thing.
    Save the bats! They are not the reason for Corvid-19, just one noticed vector, because people have strange customs.

    • Hi Puzzleblume. It’s a mystery, and it does look like it could have been shot. I might have been hit with a pellet from a shotgun.

  2. I’m also having bats in my garden. I gave up trying to photograph them, it’s so difficult…
    The comment of Cindy made me laugh, so funny.

    • Hi Herman. They are really tough to den in focus. They are fast flit around and it’s dark when they are flying.

  3. Those are awesome shots of the Bat. I’ve never seen a Bat up close and Personal. I do wonder what happened in so far as the almost perfectly round hole in the wing. I’ve always had a fear of Bats knowing that if they get in my hair they will make me crazy . 😊

    • Thanks, Holly. You could have a crazy time getting them out of your hair. This type of bat is like flying mouse equiped with sonar. I’ve seen these bats up close. They have really ugly, but cute faces.

      • There you go scaring Resa. I had heard about the hair, but my grandma was more concerned about us getting rabies from bats and skunks. Of course rabies make you go crazy so there is some truth in the crazy hair.

      • You are right about the rabies thing, maybe that’s what started the old wives tale. I am always scaring Resa, it’s just something I seem to be good at. πŸ™‚

      • I just reassured her by noting bats are more interested in sucking her blood.

      • Hi Resa. You don’t need to be terrified about the hair, because bats are usually more interested in sucking your blood.

    • Hi Nancy. He was flying like a normal bat. It’s curious to consider what might have happened to it. It could be a birth defect.

    • Thanks, Laurie. At dusk, the bat very backlit, flying high and fast, changing direction constantly, I’m surprised I get any sense of detail in the photos. I like how the processed images look like charcoal drawings.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. Lucky you. I don’t remember our zoo having a bat cave. But we have Carlsbad Caverns in southern New Mexico that has hundreds of thousands of bats. All aspects of the caverns are spectacular.

  4. So, several years ago, I was on a job. I was gathering clothes, and needed to park in Toronto’s heart.
    There was nowhere to park, but I found a high-rise building that still had parking.
    There was about 6-8 spots on each level. I drove down, winding, down, winding. I was in the bowels of the earth before I found an empty spot, which was none to easy to squeeze into.
    Exhausted, I opened the door, got out of the car, shut the door, a bat flew into my head, I opened the door, my heart was pumping, I got in the car, shut the door. Once I knew the bat did not get in with me, (I was sweating a blue streak) I began my ascent to the surface.
    I’m all heady just remembering!

    • That’s quite a bat story. You are lucky in didn’t get into your hair. Speaking of bowels of the earth, when we were in Spain some of the Metro lines were way way down in the bowls of the earth, pretty close to Hell I am sure. One time I was packed into a metro car all squeezed together with what felt like a half a million people on one of the metro lines at Hell level and the power went out. Fortunately, I’m tall, so I could breathe, but some of those poor folks with their faces smashed against my chest and back where not very comfortable. I was surprized how calm everyone stayed.

      • I’m a bit claustrophobic, having grown up in the prairies. That subway sounds really awful… the subway here is nerve wracking enough!

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