On the Water’s Edge


A Cooper’s Hawk standing on the edge of the water in the clear ditch. I don’t know whether he was meditating, fishing, our thinking about taking a bath. After we spotted him, he looked like he was trying to decide whether to carry on with what he was doing or fly away. He finally few.



48 thoughts on “On the Water’s Edge

  1. Awesome photo Timothy. That gorgeous bird, I love birds of prey, so majestic. Ironically there was a Hawk on my back fence today but too far away for me to get a good photo. I’m not sure what kind of Hawk it was. Thanks for sharing this amazing shot. You are in nature’s paradise!

    • Thanks, Holly. Hawks are magnificent birds. We have a pretty good variety around here. It’s hard to tell what type they are unless you are and then it can still be difficult to tell what kind of hawks they are.

      • On the 18 mile stretch from the mainland to Key Kargo there are huge nests on every light pole, I was told they are falcon, or Osprey or hawks. I don’t know, but the nests are several feet in circumference and I have spotted young birds peeping out. It’s really wonderful to see.

      • There’s probably nests for all those birds on those light poles. We have Osprey out here, which I find amazing since they like fish and water, two things we don’t have a lot of out here. I’ve seen Osprey with gophers or squirrels, but never fish. One pair of Osprey has a nest in the transformer station across the river from us, so we see then flying overhead every now and then.

      • Osprey are very large birds. They make their presence known. At least around here.

      • I’m sure I’ve seen Osprey down here in Florida but not familiar enough to recognize one. Maybe you can catch one with that camera and post it someday.

      • Such an awesome video Tim , amazing birds! Yes, these bird nest I spoke of are Osprey homes. So amazing. I can’t wait to get back down there but the Keys have closed their doors to everyone not living there. Hopefully sooner than later we will be able to move about freely and enjoy all the beauty out there. Thank you Timothy, you are beyond kind and generous!

  2. Tim, nice photos of the eagle. Do you have any bald eagle sightings in your area? My son just sent me a video of one flying off from in front of his beach house on Camano Island, WA. Beautiful in flight, squawking. 📚🎶 Christine

    • Thanks, Christine. This is a Copper’s Hawk. Yes we have Bald Eagles. I see them fly along the river, but we don’t see the often like the Copper’s Hawks.

    • I’m not surprised. Jeep knows what’s going on. I heard that a hawk tried to get the owlets the other day, and Daddy Owl took out the hawk. If it was a Cooper’s Hawk, mostlikely, it would not stand a chance against Daddy Owl. My neighbor who takes care of the horses by the owlets said as she was going to feed the horses early on morning last week, a coyote stopped on the ditch bank where we stand to look at the owlets. She said Daddy Owl attacked the coyote and drove it off. We are really lucky that Daddy and Mama owls allow us to gawk at them and their owlets.

      • Wow, those owls are fierce!
        You can’t blame them for taking care of their babies.
        I had adopted an alley cat when I was really a struggling artist, ie: poor- Her name was Mom.
        She had many litters before I could fix her.
        Someone brought their Doberman over one day. Never saw anything like it! She ripped the dogs head up.
        Someone never came back, again.
        Okay, Jeep is back. I think she knows I’m talking to the cat guy!

      • You don’t mess with mamas. Rosencrantz, a male kitty, did not like dogs in the least. If a dog came on the property, Rosencrantz would attack it with such a fierceness the dog didn’t know how to react other that run if it could.

    • HI Julie. He saw and was trying to decide whether to fly are do waht he was doing. He finally flew.

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