51 thoughts on “Orange, Yellow, Red

  1. I love those sunset photos. The ones of the Sandias on fire with the Rio Grande in the foreground are always favorites. A nice ending to the day, Tim!

    • Thanks, Teagan. If you come up with an intense story, let me know. I know you could write a great one.

      • Ha! My imagination has certainly been going to some scary places lately. I’m going to use “Wild clouds” from your first caption as a thing for “The Delta Pearl.” (I’m still watching for a way I can use “paper strip film” — I haven’t forgotten it.)

      • That’s wonderful — thanks. I added a link to this post in my story matrix. That way I can choose the photo that is best suited to wherever the “thing” ends up in the story. Hugs.

  2. Stunning skies, Timothy. You’ve captured them beautifully. I especially love the first three images. I’ve never seen a sky like that before. Outstanding!

  3. I hate to sound vain… but all in all my tree is the most beautiful. Of course, Holly’s Tangle-Heart remains unique & very special.
    Great shots, Tim, fabulous!

    • Thanks, Resa. We get a lot of mileage out of your tree. I was going to try and get a colorful sky behind the Tangle-Heart Tree last night, but the color never happened. It seemed like a good evening for color, but no. Sometimes it seems like there won’t be a good sunset and then boom, the sky bursts into reds, yellow and oranges.

      • Niiice!
        Yes, here in Toronto the sky bursts into dark grey, light grey, mid grey, barely grey… etc!
        About a year ago, there was this wild red sky in the morning.
        People went mad posting it everywhere. So unusual for here, the sky even made the news that night! Lol!

      • You know what they say “Red sky at morning, desert rats’ warning! Red sky at night, everyone’s delight!” or something like that. Check out the morning red from several years ago: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-2h2.

      • I remember the morning it happened. The was an intense red around the miniblinds in the eastfacing bedroom window. I got up look out and it was like Wow! I told Laurie to get up and we ran out to look and the wonder and I, the trusty paparazzo that I am, photographed it. It was an amazing sunrise.

  4. Hey Tim. Your “random reader thing” Wild Clouds is in this weekend’s chapter of The Delta Pearl. I’ll link back to this post. If you’re still okay with it, I’ll use two of these photos. Hugs!

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