26 thoughts on “Abstraction

    • Thanks, John. The beaver is really obvious to me, but being an apparition, it’s way out of proportion.

  1. I fear I cannot find either the owl or the apparition, but I still think it’s a beautiful and evocative image. I love abstract art that plays with color and curves!

    • That’s true, Lavinia. If I ever put an album together, I might use it. Or if you have a new album to put together, you could use it.

      • A catalog of Tim Price cover art! I am trying to remember the album cover I have seen that is very much like this photo. That is what made me think of it. Artist escapes me at the moment. I like the colors, too.

      • Doesn’t bring to mind any album covers I’ve seen. The then I don’t see many album covers these days.

  2. I found the owl. The beaver was harder until you gave the hint … he’s a big one. Are you sure you don’t have “Giant Beaver-Man”, sort of the like Bigfoot? 🙂

  3. Wonderful abstract art. I have to admit I cant see either the owl or the beaver as much as I keep looking. But I love the mystical, surreal aspect of the image .

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