23 thoughts on “Twilight Owl

  1. Your twilight owl is a beautiful creature of the bosque. You and Laurie have a wonderful environment to walk about.

    Love those daffodils, especially stands of them. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Lavinia. This one flew up by us when we were walking back from checking on the mama owl sitting on her eggs.

    • Thanks, Teagan. Do you have any flowers? You had a photo of a really good looking cactus garden, I believe.

      • Thanks! The surviving roses are looking good. The trees in back were apparently already dead and dying when I moved in. It was winter so I couldn’t tell… that broke my heart. However, the cactus garden is doing okay. Although the prickly pear looks a little questionable… The color seems too light. One of the smaller cacti has buds on it.

      • Moving in winter makes it hard to see what’s thriving in a garden. I dn’t know enough about cactus to say on the prickly pear. Generally, if they have tight skin and perky pricklies I consider that they are doing well.

  2. Wow! That owl is amazing, something we don’t see around our parts, thank you for sharing! I happen to have a bouquet of daffodils right in front of me now, mine are from Trader Joes though!

  3. Great shots, Tim!
    ♫Mellow Yellow♫, it’s bugging me, it was in a song, wasn’t it? I can only recall the single phrase, ♫They call me mellow yellow♫?

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