Silver and the Serengeti Strat

Silver, Zebra, Bunny, Sheep, and the Serengeti Strat.

I assembled a new Serengeti Strat (Ron Blood named the guitar). You might notice that there are no frets on the neck of my new creation. It’s like a guitarist’s version of “free the frau, burn the bra!” by going fretless with “free the neck, burn the frets!”

Since I don’t have time to make a video with the Sereneti Strat, you can hear what it sounds like in the song below I’m calling Fretless Pow Wow. It’s noisy and dissonant, and gives you a really good idea of how the Serengeti Strat sounds.


Fretless Pow Wow

Music and Lyrics by Timothy Price
Guitar and Bass: Timothy Price
Drums assembled and arranged by Timothy Price

“How their corruption divides us
As they use their words to hurt us
While their narrow minds disturb us
Because their intolerance aggrieves us
They use their love and peace to kill us!”