Jailbird Cat

Tesla the jailbird cat

We went over to Lane’s house on Sunday night for pizza and a movie. We watched “Guardians of the Universe”. It was a fun movie with wonderful characters. Lane built a blazing fire. Tesla gave us his jailbird cat act as we were leaving.

Fiery place
Resa’s, Tiffany’s, Robin’s, Teagan’s and Susan’s trees against a wild sky.
Fiery sky to the west.
The crow highway is barely visible against the clouds above the Sandias.

57 thoughts on “Jailbird Cat

  1. Wow Tim, these are some amazing photographs. I love the colors of that sky! It’s so very hauntingly beautiful! And Tesla the jailbird cat made me laugh. What a cutie pie! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Great friends and family are wonderful blessings.

    I hope you & yours are well!

    • Thanks, Holly. If you search of Tesla on my blog page you can see more cute photos of him. He is a real character.

      • He looks like it 😀 I like cats who are true characters. They keep life very interesting…and entertaining! Then again, I think most cats are true characters. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

        I’ll definitely be looking up more Tesla posts on your blog.

      • They each have their own character that’s for sure. Some are a little more special on character than others.

      • We have a lot of kitty characters in our household. Then there’s Spunk the way out there kitty character.

      • No character could ever beat a kitty character in my book. I know we tend to agree on this one! Cats are endless fun.

        And Spunk is definitely a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed reading all about his hilarious antics. He’s a gem to be treasured. No doubt about that!

    • Hi Tiffany. Poor Tesla. Those are strong bars. You’re welcome. Your tree is set back from the others, but it’s beautiful all the same.

  2. Those are very beautiful photos, Tim! You get some gorgeous colors and spectacular scenery down there.

    Sounds like an enjoyable evening. Telsa is a cool kitty, too!

    • Thanks, Susan. It ws one of those sunsets where I had to iterrupt what I was working on and get the camera.

  3. Poor Tesla 🙂 Is th efence meant to keep Tesla in or to keep other cats from coming inside ? 🙂

  4. You people call Tesla the jailbird, but you didn’t know he’s thinking the same of you when he looked from the other side of the grids 🙊 Your ability to capture the sky and build that fire, that’s envious to him though 🔥

  5. What glorious sky-scapes. Truly breathtaking, Tim. I’ve tried to capture some sunsets here (my phone camera is all I have), but the vivid colors never come out. Beautiful work.
    That’s a wonderful fireplace too. Tesla is a terrific name for a cat! Hugs.

  6. Tesla is a precious baby. That door is cool. The archway in the back ground is inviting & the fireplace with fire is dreamy. The fiery sky is exactly that description. To cool
    Lotsa goodies

  7. My tree is ever more stunning than usual.
    Yes, the others’ trees are lovely. I’m a bit concerned about the tree in the Fiery sky to the west. (#4)
    That is a very striking tree. Who is attached to that tree?
    My tree is a movie star in that last shot.
    Tesla is beautiful, and I don’t care if she’s a jailcat.

    • Hi Resa. Tree #4 is Teagan’s tree. There is an unclaimed tree that you can’t really see behind the 3rd tree.

      • Do you mean tree #4 in the 3rd shot down “Resa’s, Tiffany’s, Robin’s, Teagan’s and Susan’s trees against a wild sky.”?
        Or the pic after that? It kind of looks like my tree, with a pal. “Fiery sky to the west.”
        I mean it’s obvious mine is the prettiest (Tangle-Heart is on a whole other level),but just trying to sort it all out.

      • Yes tree number 4 in the 3rd shot. In the 4th shot the trees to the left are elm trees, and not elegible for claiming. Lavinia’s cottonwood is in that shot, but you can’t make it out againts the wall of elm trees.

      • In the 4th photo your tree is on the right. I think you are thinking one of the two trunks of your tree is another tree. It looks like two trees in silhouette.

  8. Wow what a sky. I keep missing them so I’ll enjoy yours.
    Alex got a cat so we have joined the cat dog world. Such funny adventures. I’ve never had a cat before. Kitty Cat is so funny like your cats always doing funny things. 😻

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