37 thoughts on “Lola, Silver and Friends

  1. Lucky cats in a household that loves all the kitties and keeps them well supplied with toys and companionship of all kinds. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Silver was happy with all those stuffed critters. Lola was a little annoyed by the paparazzo.

  2. Lola knows how to grab attention and steal a scene, while Silver is the more layback type, wearing a smirk toward Lola’s little gimmick 🦔

  3. I give/buy stuffed animals for my lizards. They choose their favorites. Copper’s fave was Teddy & other tiny Teddy. Murphy’s fave is Lamby.

  4. Obviously, Lola and Silver are magazine cover cats.
    I know Spunk doesn’t have the dramatic chops, but he is the comedian!
    Wait, he might be the chef. No, I think he is the biker! Yet, I see an architect in the making. 💋(for Spunk)

    • Hi Resa. Spunk is gaga over that kiss!😻 Spunk can put on the drama. Especially when he gives us his super cute, innocent “Spunk eyes!” You look at him and think “That kitty could never tear anything up, scratch and bite you, and act totally psycho!” He’s a really good actor. The other kitties don’t have the depth of going between good and totally rotten like Spunk. They simply be cats, if you know what I mean?

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