Ditch Spider

When I went out at 3:00 am to turn in the irrigation water, there was a hot wind on my shoulder, which reminded me of the opening lyrics to Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio”.  The warm air also explained why the house didn’t cool down during the night.  When I went out at 7:00 am to shut down the irrigation gates, the spider in the lead photo had her web built out over the water.

Guildenstern has been getting out by pushing the screens out of the front bay windows we leave open for air circulation. I closed them down leaving only a 2 inch crack. When I opened the front door at 7:00 to go out and check the water, Guildenstern was sitting at the front door.  When I came back in I looked and the window and he had pushed it up enough to slip out.  I still find it funny that none of the other cats figured out that he had pushed out the screens.

Laurie is a very nice math teacher. She baked a large batch of chocolate chip cookies to give the her algebra students tomorrow if the majority of them get the on-line homework done by 10:00 pm tonight. The cookies on the table in the last photo were left to cool before Laurie could bag them up, 4 cookies per bag, for distribution.

While she was working on cookies, I cleared out a bunch of small elm trees and wild plums on one edge of the property and discovered some barrels of oil and cans of tar hidden by the brush. So now I have more toxic waste to dispose of. I also found another ham radio antenna, metal stands and various pieces pipe and steel laying under the leaves and branches, as well. I’m starting to think that junk breeds.

While I was down working on clearing the trees and brush, I also had batch processes running on Photoshop and uploads going on that took a couple of hours. When I got the trees and brush down to where I needed a chainsaw the thunder sounded close and it started to rain, so I decided to go back inside and work on cooking up a 20 pound green chile, chicken, blue corn tortilla enchilada, while Laurie was finishing up her cookies. I started a new batch of processes on Photoshop, and more uploads, while I was cutting up and frying the ingredients for the enchilada; so by the time the enchilada was done, I had finished doing a whole lot of photo processing and uploading that I had been needing to do for weeks.  I just ate some of the enchilada for dinner. It’s super!

3 thoughts on “Ditch Spider

  1. Laurie’s students are very lucky for lots of reasons!
    My mother may be upset, thinking about her own situation, to know that you found more ham stuff in hiding!
    Love that Guildenstern! I, too, am surprised the other kitties haven’t followed him out!
    Glad you got all that batch processing done!
    Where did you find the blue corn tortillas to use for the giant enchilada?

  2. We got the blue corn tortillas at Keller’s. They are really good quality. Guildenstern puts on a “big dumb cat act” but he’s really pretty smart as far as cats go. He doesn’t let the other kitties in on the action either. I remember one time Rosencrantz discovered Guildenstern’s bird stash and told on him. I doubt you mom will find ham stuff buried in her yard, but who knows. The stuff I found this afternoon has lain where I found it for at least 30 years, maybe more.

    • Thanks for letting me know about Keller’s! I need to get some green chile this week, and then get some blue corn tortillas at Keller’s. Yummmm. . .

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