Brain Salad Surgery

If you remember Emerson, Lake and Palmer, they had an album by the same name.  When I was turning into the Sandoval County government complex yesterday, a crab spider descended from my visor and landed on my steering wheel. The spider had probably hitched a ride on me when I made my way through the trumpet vines, mermosa, roses and other plants that hang into our walk. I pulled into a parking spot, and before I got out of the car, I decided I couldn’t leave the spider closed up in the hot car. I got it on my key and then into my shirt pocket, locked the car and walked up to the entrance of the building to find a big sign that read “No Pets Allowed in the Building.”  Was I breaking the law knowingly bringing a spider into the building? Technically it wasn’t a pet, yet I put it in my pocket, and knew it was in there. It was probably silly to even think about, but given how some people react to spiders, and how serious government types have become over enforcing laws, I wondered if I could end up in a SWAT situation by bringing a spider into a county building.  I told the spider to stay in my pocket, went inside, took care of business, and safely left the building without incident. When I got home, I got the spider to crawl onto a plant — so all ended well.