Pretty in Pink and B&W

I usually post photos in color or B&W, but I have not posted the same photos in both color and B&W before. I thought this set worked very well showing the color and B&W version of each photo.  The first rose is Pink Promise, the ARS’s rose that benefits breast cancer research. Princess De Monaco is one of the new roses we planted this spring, and Sceptred Isle is a David Austin rose that we have had for years. The David Austin roses are very hardy and all our David Austin roses have survived all the deep freezes and hard frosts we get at the end of May every year.

I finally got some Ham Radio aficionados to take all the old radios, meters, vacuum tubes, transistors, capacitors, transformers, and multitudes of electronic parts out of my dad’s radio room this morning. I’ve been trying to get anyone to take the stuff for years, but I think the vast quantity of it was too overwhelming for any one person to consider. Three Hams filled a full-sized pickup truck, and trailer and an SUV with the various equipment and parts my dad had in his radio room, and they still left a lot of it because they ran out of room in their vehicles.  Frank, who has been hauling off old scrap metal my dad had laying around the property for me, filled his truck with scraps of metal, nuts, bolts, metal cases and other stuff the Hams didn’t want, and there is still stuff left.  What got really funny is that I kept finding vacuum tubes tucked in corners and cubbies — I just kept handing off more and more vacuum tubes to the hams.  When we finally got the counter cleaned off and I lifted up a board that covered a sink, the sink was full of equipment and vacuum tubes. That stuff had to be in sink for 40 years or more, because I don’t recall my dad ever moving any of the stuff that was sitting on the board covering that sink. All three of the hams said that their wives, kids and grand kids would be facing the same task of getting rid of all the stuff in their radio rooms when they die.  Although they said they are going to give the stuff to young radio buffs (or “budding hamsters” as Laurie put it), I’m not so sure their wives will be very happy with them dragging all that stuff home before they give it away.