Window Flowers


The lead photo was taken on Monday afternoon when Susan and I were walking around taking the last photos of the houses before their demolition. Susan took a wonderful photo of the same flowers from inside the room. There was a 1980 calendar laying next to the vase that she got in her photo. They’re all just memories now — a lifetime for me, 30 years for Laurie, only this century for Susan, but we bothered to record it, and took the time to watch as the layers of time were peeled back and demolished, unfolding for our imaginations the history of the houses and the land.

The photo of the clouds reflecting in our glass top table is our current view from the deck without the roof top and antennas in the background. Now we are going to explore the possibility of getting the power moved, so we can take down the power pole. Taboo poked a cane through the trumpet vine and akebia, and I found the Preying Mantis on the little chiminea when I was out cutting back the black bamboo at sunrise.