Eve of Destruction


Over the past several months we have been clearing stuff wanted save out of these houses, and taking everything off of them that could be recycled, in preparation of tearing them down. Originally, this was going to be my summer project in 2010, but our battle with my cancer and Laurie’s anemia forced us to put it off for two years. We had to start dealing with it again when sharp pieces of aluminum roofing started blowing off in the high winds in March, putting our neighbor’s horses, tenants, and dogs in danger of serious injuries, and the possibility of damaging their motor home. Since neither of the houses have real foundations, they are slowly collapsing, so neither of them are worth trying to renovate. After they are demolished, and the land they occupy is cleared, we are planning on making it farmland. ┬áSince it’s easy to irrigate, I was thinking we might start with feed grass or alfalfa that we can have cut and bailed, and then work up to larger production of green chile, corn and other vegetables in the coming years. Maybe we’ll add some farm critters in the mix as well. How does a yak, a llama and a Yorkshire terrier to herd them sound?