Last Curtain

I dreamed the houses were still standing last night. I was looking looking out our window and could see them clearly, in every detail, but I knew they were gone. I would look the other way and then look back, and they were still there like ghosts haunting my dreams. I knew I must be dreaming, yet it all looked so real. Then I was standing outside with Tristan looking at a mini VW bus they had pulled in. I was telling her “We are trying to get rid of junk, not acquire more junk!” I remembered I photographed the curtain in the casita, and it seemed a fitting representative of the house’s ghost.

The demo crew are down to one pile of rubble from the houses and a couple of piles of stuff that was laying around, so I think they will be done tomorrow.

I had over 3500 junk mails in my inbox at work this morning. It was mostly architectural, construction and management related junk mail with only a few for Russian brides, miracle weight loss, space bags, penny auctions, taco shell shapers and things like that. It took me awhile to separate out the legit mail from the junk.