Ant Fest Breakfast

There was an ant fest on one of the dishes waiting to be washed this morning. A daddy longlegs set up a web int the path of the ants and was getting quite a haul before I had to wreck its web to wash the dishes.

Either Guildenstern has figured out how to transport himself through walls or he has a secret tunnel in the catio that he hasn’t told the other kitties about; because he’s been outside three mornings and this afternoon without either of us letting him out. As a matter of fact, he came in this morning and was meowing at the door and acting pitiful before we left and I told him “Just go outside, since you seem to have a way out!” ¬†Sure enough, when we got home this evening all the cats were in except Guildenstern, who was sitting on a chair on the deck ¬†with his paws crossed.