Duck Ness Monster?


The soft shell turtle in the first photo was alternating between the back stroke and treading water before it noticed me and disappeared in the murky water of the Duck Pond at UNM. With only its head showing clearly and the rest of it fading into a blurred mass behind the reflections, it looked more like a monster than a turtle. One duck had ducklings and other turtles, mostly large, red eared sliders, where sunning themselves on the rocks in the middle of the Duck Pond. We had a busy day today that produced too many photo ops from the Mazda dealership. to Nob Hill, to UNM, its Duck Pond, Laurie’s parents house and then at home — I only posted photos from UNM and the spider/web at Laurie’s parents’ house.

While Laurie took her last PhD qualifying exam this morning, I got new tires on our Mazda Speed 3 and took photos of the shop area, exterior and some of the cars at the Mazda dealer while I waited for our car. I have to stack and stitch many of the photos of the Mazda dealership, which I didn’t have time to do tonight.  Friends came out to do photos of the houses before they are demolished on Wednesday. Susan brought a delicious pepper steak, rice and sangria ingredients for dinner, and I fried up some alligator as a side dish — I happened to have a pound of alligator on hand, and neither Susan or Lois had eaten alligator before tonight. Alligator is interesting because when it’s raw it looks like pork, but when it’s cooked it has a texture similar to monk fish, and I would say it tastes like, well, alligator.