Cattle Loader

This cattle loader has been at the top of our road for as long as I can remember, so I’m sure it’s older than I am. I don’t remember ever seeing cattle loaded with it, but I do remember Doctor Salvasi running cattle on the 16 acres just south of us. I was working on the road and clearing weeds along the road when I noticed sunset with the rays of light streaming through the clouds.

Our bathroom remodel is getting sabotaged at every turn. First I had to return the tankless hot water heater because our water is too hard. Then we found a linoleum we liked at Lowe’s, but when I went to order it tonight, we discovered it’s been discontinued. So now we have to find another linoleum we like, or another type of suitable floor covering. One place in Albuquerque had their stock of linoleum on line, but none of it looked appealing. Laurie doesn’t want the stone, ceramic or marble tile because she thinks it’s too cold and hard. We have oak parquet floors throughout the rest of the house, and super plush carpet in the bedroom, but a wood floor just doesn’t seem right for the bathroom, and carpet in the bathroom would be just plain silly. Now that I have a new hot water heater installed, the floor covering is the next step, but I don’t want to start taking out cabinets and fixtures until I have the floor covering in hand and ready to install.