Study Bug

Laurie had a bug studying with her this afternoon. ¬†Below is the first yellow spotted butterfly I’ve seen. It’s tiny and has interesting double wings. The fourth photo is of tiny flowers that we have planted with corkscrew grass. There happened to be a critter hanging out on the flowers when I took the photo. The painted lady was feeding on the same butterfly bush as “Spot”, the yellow spotted butterfly, and I did some photos of them together; however, when I got the painted lady in the frame so you could tell what she was, Spot was so small it got lost in the flowers. When I got Spot framed so you could tell that it’s a butterfly, only a leg or so of the painted lady was in the frame. There are so many things that our eyes adjust for so automatically that we are hardly conscious of it, that the compositions we put together in our field of view can be almost impossible to capture in a photo.