Hairy Woodpecker


I’ve been chasing this hairy woodpecker all week. It’s been staying in the branches, which makes it almost impossible to focus on through the thickets, plus it never holds still for more than a second or two. While I was out following it around, it disappeared into the neighbor’s yard. I started photographing the juncos and goldfinches flitting about the roses by the wall that separates our yards, when I heard  the woodpecker pecking on the neighbor’s tree. I looked over the wall and saw it not quite so covered. I got a shot of it, it glanced at me, then flew back into our yard and landed on golden showers not too far from me as I walked from the wall, behind the car in pursuit. At that point I got the opportunity to get the unobstructed photo of it on a rose cane show below.

The pair of ducks were swimming in the clear water ditch, and I got the lesser goldfinch dining on sunflowers and the junco on a rose while following the woodpecker around the yard, as mentioned above.





4 thoughts on “Hairy Woodpecker

  1. I absolutely love your bird photos. They make me happy, since I don’t get to see birds this close up and at this time of year, I get cabin fevered out sometimes. I do feed the backyard birds and spot them through binoculars, but that is it. Thank you Tim for your outstanding shots and for chasing after some of those elusive little guys.

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