Servers Upgrades


Upgrading 5 linux servers in one day is not for the faint of heart. Since I was sick last year, and it’s really hard to take down our servers for any length of time, 4 of the servers had been running continuously for 575 days. The last time they were rebooted was in June of 2010 when we upgraded the electrical service on the building. ¬†Curiously enough, the oldest server in the rack and the newest server in the rack upgraded without major issues, but the other three servers gave us various problems from network drivers not getting installed, to running out of space in the system partition, to not recognizing passwords coming from Windows machines. The second oldest server in the rack had one of its 8 year old drives fail from all the attention the RAID was getting, but since I was smart enough to have tracked down and purchased spare drives for that server, I popped in a new drive, and my Tech from SWCP got the RAID to rebuild the new drive¬†after we got all the other issues addressed and the server running properly.

The cats like to support Laurie with her studies, and today Stretch was being a “reference” cat, laying in the shelf ready to hand Laurie books.