Ten Degrees F

My weather widget shows rain and snow tonight through Saturday, sunny on Sunday, and snow again on Monday. My new outdoor thermometer  on the fence showed 10 degrees F with frost this morning. We’ll see how the forecast holds. According to Erik P. DeBenedictis of Sandia National Laboratories it will probably take supercomputers running in the range of zettaFLOPS to accurately model weather for a two week peariod. Since the most powerful supercomputers running today are barely scratching the petaFLOPS range, it’s no wonder my weather widget is never very accurate. FLOPS stands for floating point operations per second. One zettaFLOPS is 10 to the power of 21 or a whole lotta FLOPS. You can read all about them on the FLOPS Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLOPS.

I repaired the canopies on our car ports on Sunday, but the fierce winds we had today ripped out all the repairs I made, and left the canopies hanging sadly from the  few places where they are still attached to the frames.

The reflection of the Bank of America on the New Mexico Bank & Trust building seemed a good representation of the general state of banks these days.

Puck was working on his flight training this morning. His goal is to fly from the roof into the house, making a 90 degree turn in the process.

This is the first year anniversary of this blog. I published my first blog on photoofthedayetc.blogspot.com on 12-01-10, then switched to WordPress in May of this year. Today will by my 366th post for Photo of the Day, Etc.