Snow Geese

We got 4 to 6 inches of snow last night. We were not surprised to hear UNM was on a two hour delay and APS was closed, since we had lots of snow. When we left the house a little after 8:00 this morning, the snow was falling lightly, and there was no wind. Corrales Road was ice packed and treacherous, and Alameda was snow packed to 2nd Street — then the snow started disappearing. By the time we got south of Paseo Del Norte on I-25, there was little evidence of snow, and the wind was blowing. I guessed the wind had blown all the snow away. I dropped Laurie off at UNM at 9:05, then drove down to the office to learned they had cancelled all classes at UNM.

I ventured out to the river just before sunset. It was 15 degrees F when I left the house at 4:15 pm and 8 degrees F when I got back at 5:10 pm. I noticed my cameras and lenses had frost on them after a few minutes of standing on the river bank, and they had hard frost on the lens hoods when I got back to the house. Both lenses are sealed and weatherproof with zoom movement within their barrels, so condensation should not be a problem.

Geese , cranes and ducks were in the water and on the snowy banks on the other side of the river. Just as the sun was setting, I moved a little south and spied the Great Blue Heron. It didn’t fly, and after it noticed me, it did a little stretch and dance for me as it walked away.

The temperature was 5 degrees F at 7:45 pm. My weather widget is now forecasting 2 degrees F for the low tonight. I believe it may fall below zero.