Bottoms Up

I went for a walk in the bosque at 7:00 this morning. The sky was grey, the light was flat, and not much was happening other than a duck mooned me, a coyote kept his distance, and mallard took flight. Cranes and geese were flying to and fro, but it’s getting where all my crane and geese photos look the same. This is the first time I’ve gotten close enough to photograph a coyote, it was still a long shot, and it’s not everyday I get mooned by a duck.

We are going to have a cold night tonight. The temperature is down to 20 degrees F, already below the forecasted low for tonight, and ┬áit’s only 6:00 pm. My weather widget is predicting snow and a high of only 33 degrees F for tomorrow.

BTW, several people have inquired about the time on my posts. WordPress’ server is set to GMT, which is 7 hours ahead of MST. I like it because I can get tomorrow’s post done early in the evening.