Christmas Bonsai

Christmas decorations and flowers added cheer to the house today as we decorated one of our bonsais and hung garlands, birds, butterflies and insects above the mirror in the dance room.  I was trying to remember if we’d ever had a traditional Christmas tree in the 29 and a half years we’ve been married — I don’t think we’ve ever had a large, cut tree. We decorated a ficus that started out about six feet tall with a skirted trunk and gangly, ball-like crown that we most likely purchased from Home Base for many years. Then we got a pot of 5 small Norfolk Pines, probably from Home Base again, that served as our Christmas tree for many years until it got so big we had to give it away. There were a couple of years we’ve had those little, dwarf pines that come pre-decorated. Those are the closest to “traditional” Christmas trees that we’ve had. Over the past six or seven years we’ve been decorating one of our bonsais, with this large, gnarly ficus being the victim most often because of its size and where it stands.