PET Scan

Step 1 radioactive sugar injection

Although I get multiple cat scans daily, I had a PET scan today to check the status of my remission. There are three steps to a PET scan:

The first step is  to get an injection of radioactive sugar. The technician inserts a very short IV tube, tests for blood draw, flushes it with a saline solution, wrestles the syringe enclosed in a lead and stainless case out of a larger protective housing, connects it to the short IV and injects the radioactive sugar. She told me that she didn’t know how I could watch her insert the IV. She said that most people who watch turn white and look like they are going to faint. I told her I’ve been poked so often, that it’s simply routine to watch, and commented that she was good compared to some of the vampires in the blood draw clinic at the Cancer Center. She reminded me how I watched a surgeon remove a lump off my arm many years ago. Surgery is fascinating.

The second step is to sit in a small, dimly lit room for an hour until I have a nice  glow.

Step three is to lay on a skinny table for 25 minutes while I’m fed into the tube. Since a PET scan is passive, each slice takes 2 0r 3 minutes before the table moves a few inches to get the next slice.

Step 2 hang out for an hour till I glow
Step 3 into the tube