I spent all morning cooking a NM jambalaya for Christmas eve. If we were traditional types we would have posole and tamales, but neither one is our favorite. Beaker is a little more of a traditionalist and had to have a hot tamale on Christmas eve. Lucky for him I bought a package of  3 Alarm Hot Tamales for a stocking stuffer.

We had a grand time writing bad haiku and ROFLing about it this afternoon. I’ve come to the conclusion that haiku doesn’t really work in English. In my quick search for examples of really good haiku in English, I failed to find any.

I installed my new amplified “old guy, super simple” weather station yesterday. The normal weather station on the left is simple, but didn’t quite cut it for easy viewing through the kitchen window. The temp was 11 degrees in this pre-dawn photo.

I got a couple of bouquets of flowers yesterday, which Laurie used to make a very nice arrangement that’s giving me lots of colorful photo ops.