“Dead Texan” Burger

The highlight of my otherwise rather dull day was a “Dead Texan” burger I had for lunch. I’m really not into cannibalism, but I just couldn’t pass up a dead Texan. BTW I’m not making this up:

Waitress: “What can I get you today?”
Me: “I’ll have one of those ‘Dead Texan’ specials.”
Waitress: “Very good.”
Me: “How did they slaughter and prepare the Texan?”
Waitress: “Oh! He was road kill. We scraped him up off the corner this morning.”
Me: “Mmmm! Even better!”

I started thinking what could be more green than recycling that mornings’ hit and run, and turning it into the day’s special? I had a few flashbacks to the ’70’s movie “Soylent Green” where Charlton Heston, beaten up, and being carried out on a stretcher says “Soylent Green is people!” I also suppose a dead Texan burger might be considered vegetarian by a few New Mexicans.

I spared you photos of the actual burger, because it looked pretty much like any other burger, except it was coated with red chile to help tame the wild taste, and it had a fried egg on top that, I believe, represented a 10 gallon hat. The burger, it turns out, was very tasty.