The Trouble With Harry

While I was standing by the fence photographing the sun as it slowly fell through the clouds of smoke, Harry chicken was peeking at me through the fence. He had quite the do. I asked him if it was much trouble to keep his hair that way, but he just gave me a look like “what are you stupid or something?” and then gave me the sped gesture with its wing across its chest.

Our neighbor’s acacia is looking good, and a crow flew over cawing and cawing as he swooped by me for a photo as he flew south. I’m not sure what got him going. He was sitting on a dead cotton wood before he swooped by, startling the hummingbird I was sneaking up on. Maybe the crow was warning the hummingbird that a human with a great big lens was sneaking up on it.

I was sneaking up on the hummingbird a second time, when Puck started a fight with the neighbor’s tabby that was stalking me yesterday. In a flash, Rosencrantz and Lola joined the fight so all I could see was a ball of black cats with an occasional flash of tabby.  I got the cats separated, but didn’t see the hummingbird again.

The little bird on the post sits on a post or power line then flies out all of a sudden and nabs one of the dragon flies swarming about. If you look closely, you can see the dragon flies in the photo of the sun shining through the smoke.

2 thoughts on “The Trouble With Harry

  1. Jim said if he goes on Facebook he’d like to use the pic of Harry as his ID. It’s very cute. I’ve never seen a chicken quite like Harry.

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