65 thoughts on “Roses! More Roses!

  1. These are magnificent examples of the beautiful rose. My mother, who had a classic English garden…grew roses and tended them so beautifully – she would have loved to read about your roses in such a different environment. Thank you:)

    • Roses are amazing flowers. They adapt to such different environments so weel. Thanks, Janet.

  2. I LOVE them. When we came here there was the remains of a rose garden in the jungle that was. There still is remains only, alas many couldn’t be saved, but they flower now.

    • I photograph them more than I smell them.. Not a lot of scent in our dry climate. Thanks, Resa.

  3. Lovely roses Tim. Not a flower guy, but I do enjoy the pretty colors. We have one rose in our landscaping and in defiance of Linda’s brown thumb, it manages to make it through year after year – this year it has 8 blooms – a new record. I’ll shot it your rose shots to give it some inspiration!

    • Rose bushes can be tough. Like pansies, who are super tough despite their name being associated with sissies. Thanks, Brian.

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