51 thoughts on “10th Annual Corrales Rose Society Dr. Huey Tour

  1. It was a wonderful day! Time with friends, beautiful flowers, GREAT food, and a touch of “New Mexico moments.” Ten years certainly flew by, but the feeling was like the Covid shutdown years had no effect on THIS Dr Huey Day. Many thanks to you and Laurie. 🙏

    • We had a great time. Ten years has going by quickly. The trandition goes on. Thanks, Susan.

    • They are wild. Dr. Huey is the root stock used to graft roses on. Between the dryness and cold in winter, the bud unions die, and the root stock takes over. Our village has a lot of Dr. Hueys. I cal him the patron Rose of Corrales. San Ysidro is the patron saint of Corrales. Most Rosarians find it shameful and appalling to celebrate Dr Huey. We celebrate anything the thrives and blooms in our harsh environment. Thanks, Janet.

  2. 2nd year in a row I’ve missed it 🫤.
    Pics are fantastic, as always 👍

  3. I was thinking about your annual Dr. Huey tour yesterday. It is a lovely rose variety, Tim. I had two, the deer got one that had come up from a piece of root. The other is holding its own and I trimmed it up and tended it yesterday.

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