The Temperature’s Rising

Well, ya’ll, Spunk here. The temperature’s rising, and while the Paparazzo waters, he pesters us with his clicks. He’s such a pest, but at least the flowers are blooming.

Wisteria hanging in the hood

It’s me, Glenda. I’m enjoying the heat, the cat tree, and the blooming blooms! Fortunately, the pesky Paparazzo is smart enough to know he doesn’t need to water the cat tree. However, we need to make him understand he doesn’t need to water cats the same as plants when we are outside.

Bearded Iris

Look deep into my eyes, pesky Paparazzo! You are feeling sleepy, and sleepier. You’re asleep! You will not pour water on me or the other kitties when we are outdoors. We are Cats, not Plants!

Austrian Copper and Lady Banks

Good evening! Gwendolyn here. Let me tell you that the pesky Paparazzo Bugs! He’s way worse than Spot, the orange ladybug, hanging out on the Peony buds.

Okay, you stupid paparazzo. Enough flower photos already. You are wearing everyone out. Especially moi!

63 thoughts on “The Temperature’s Rising

    • It certainly looks that way. They are always trying new things to control me. Thanks, JYP.

  1. That cats may find you annoying, but your readers sure do not!
    I am so jealous of your wisteria! it does not grow here!
    Love the iris photos.

    • Wisteria is really iffy here. The slightest dip towards freezing and it’s done. “¡Hasta la visit! Baby! I won’t be back!” Fortunately, the early morning temps have stayed in the mid to high 30s since it bloomed. Thanks, Dale.

    • I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb. I do water the plants the best I can. Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. The cats look happy with the higher temperatures and the clearly enjoy being outside. Also your plants and are doing very well, the Wisteria looks lovely !

  3. I can never ever get enough cat or flower photos Tim, and these were just stunning..

    Enjoy your rising Temps and keep dodging those water showers 😂🤣🐈😘

  4. Well, I can tell you, you’re not wearing me off… au contraire!
    I love each and every one and all furries in between!
    I hope my wisteria blooms too one day. I’ve had her for years but still haven’t seen her bloom…

  5. Photographs of beautiful cats on a Monday morning… that’s a good way to start a day!

  6. I love the kitties and the flowers! That Wisteria! I love seeing Wisteria as it does not grow here. I enjoy the Iris as well. I planted some here… we shall see if it grows. I have some at the Lake House… hope it survived the strange winter out East. (Perrenials need that blanket of snow to keep warm during freezes.)
    Thanks for the fun post!

    • You are welcome, Nancy. I hope all you eastern plants made it through the winter.

  7. The cats are so cute!!! And, the flower photos are amazing; the Wisteria are my favorite!!! I have always been drawn to those! 💜 I’m counting down the days until we reach the 90’s here! 😍

  8. Every image is hypnotizing like all the eyes of the cats and kittens
    And the eager pesky paparazo sitting in the wings to catch the latest pic and news.

    Even the little bug is a great story.
    What a lovely flora and feline home.

  9. Beautiful post Tim!
    Cats and flowers, what a winner!
    Especially lovely is Spunkie-Poo 💋 as cat bookends!

    • The newest of three cat trees. It’s on the deck. It will be a year old at the end of this month. I have already reroped parts of it. The kitties are really hard on cat trees. Thanks, Deborah.

  10. Amazing furries and wonderful plants to hand.
    But I’m not jealous… Oh, no! No, no, no, not at all, in the slighest. Humph! Hahaha!

  11. Those kitties have your number and by the look in their eyes, they mean business. That first shot cracked me up – like he is mentally daring that mercury to go any higher.

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