41 thoughts on “The Trouble With Hairy

  1. As they say, it’s all in the relative bill size for the hairy (and a couple of other more obscure details.. the last two in your female set are definitely Hairies. Managed to see my first ever western bluebird while on our Vegas trip – hope my shots came out as sharp as yours.

  2. I remember taking pics of woodpeckers and then looking them up to see which one I had captured and between the downy and the hairy… they are too similar for a simpleton like me!
    LOVE that bluebird… is this a female to have, like, no blue? Or is it the light?
    That first sky pic with the tree is just simply stunning.

  3. Resa’s tree looks beautiful in that dawn photo, and that is a very nice bluebird portrait. What camera did you use for that one? The textural detail captured, especially the feathers, is striking.

    We see woodpeckers here, not as many as the flickers.

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