40 thoughts on “Iron Horse

    • Not at all. It would ride in a trailer to Sturgis. It’s more of a piece of art than a rider. It only has 2K miles on it.

  1. That roaring sound…!! You just got to love it! It takes me back to my childhood when my big brother took me to see Easy Rider in the cinema. Afterwards I realised I was born to be wild… 😉

    • I saw Easy Ride in the theater when I was a teen. So cool. Did you know the first reference to heavy metal was in Born t Be Wild? Thanks, Herman.

      • I was a few years older. I still love the soundtrack; The Pusher, If 6 Was 9, It’s Alright Ma, Don’t Bogart Me…

      • Had your Jimi’s name sake’s tunes. A lot of great music in that movie. I was 10 when the film was released in 1969. My older brother had Steppenwolf albums so I was familiar with Born to Be Wild and The Pusher. I was into everything motorcycles, so I had to see it a few years later for the motorcycles.

      • My brother was a motorcycle guy. First he bought a Yamaha and a few years later a Kawasaki 750cc. And yes, he also had the Steppenwolf albums too…

      • We seem to have had the same influences on opposite sides of the world.

  2. Hear the rumble! There is definitely a rise of the sport bikes in Vegas – they were flying past, in between, practically over the rest of the traffic on the by-ways out there, all doing well over 90 while weaving. This one looks more like a sit and feel varity

    • No weaving through traffic on the Iron Horse. Intentionally, and way. There are a lot of sport bikes out here, but then there there are still a lot of Harley riders and gangs who ride Harleys, as well.

    • Yes, the chopper moves. The sales guy tried to get me to take it for a test ride. He said it was a good “bar hopping bike” I never go to bars. It would be a nice art piece. Motorcycles don’t have the same compensation factor as pickup trucks. Thanks, Cindy.

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