Caution Precaution

Spunk helping Laurie with her Chaucer research by reading the Caterbury Tails written by Chaucer’s cat Argos.

Eyes are upon you
Peeking through the heated grates
Caution Precaution

Ringo the Ring-neck Duck

“Damn! I hate it when that happens!”


63 thoughts on “Caution Precaution

  1. Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ is the smart one. He can see something on the screen. Jeep can’t. However, Jeep can see pigeons & squirrels, etc. through the window. Johnny sees a window.
    As cool as Ringo is, Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ steals the post! xx

    • Spunk does see what’s on the computer screen, and what’s out the window. I accidentally locked him out on the deck the other night. Laurie let him in. He had to sit on my lap and snuggle for a long time after that. Laurie got after me for not checking the deck well enough. But Spunk did not respond like usual when I called for kitties on the deck.

      Well. Laurie locked Spunk and Marble out on the deck last night. She said she thought she heard kitties meowing. I checked and sure enough Spunk and Marble came running in. Since I didn’t lock him out that time, he got up in the hammock and gave Laurie a cold kitty shoulder. He is so funny. Marble just took in stride. She gets locked out more often as she blends in and ignores us when we call for kitties to come in from the deck and Sally port.

      • Spunk is way too smart. For example, he knows that if you need to turn the door knob to open the front door. He gets up on the cabinet by the door and tries to turn the door knob with both paws. If Spunk had opposable thumbs we’d be in big trouble. He’s smart, gets board, and tears things up. Just like other bored boys. That’s why he is trouble so often.

    • Thanks, Bruce. Spunk is on the treadmill workstation, but he’s not tall enough to tread and read at the same time.

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