Silence Of The Frogs

I published Silence Of The Frogs as a poem in 2017 when I was blogging on T & L Photos. I made the poem into a song last summer. It’s a different style from Time To Move On that I posted on Friday.

40 thoughts on “Silence Of The Frogs

    • He needs to develop a taste for frog legs and help the herons eat the bullfrogs. The bullfrogs are taking over out here. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    • The bass moves along. I was croaking like the frogs for sure. Have you ever heard a bullfrog? They do not have pretty voices. I can relate. Thanks, JYP. Styed tuned. I have more tunes coming.

      • I have heard bullfrogs. I used to help staff a campout, and the bullfrogs by the lake at the campsite were quite noisy. I thought you did sang rather well, not bullfrog-like at all! I will stay tuned for more tunes!

  1. That Heron would eat that frog’s “liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti”. Very creative song Timothy, like the frog rotation on the beats ha!

    • That Heron is a bit psycho. Not only does it murder fish, I’ve seen it perforate turtles as well. The heron loves frog legs and livers. Thanks, Brian.

  2. I particularly like this one. I like the sweetness of the rhythm and beat. A great way to showcase your lovely photography as well…
    Sometimes, when I have time, I go down my emails and discover missed ones, like this!

    • Thanks, Dale. I’ve posted seven music videos with original music since January 6th. I think you might have missed Like Skinny Crow and Sealed in a Kiss Iposted between Silence of the Frogs and Timmy and the Cats.

      • I put out a lot of music videos. I’ll be working on some more. Talk about stripping brain gears to figuring out what to put in the videos. Videos are a lot of work.

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