December Moon & Mars

December Moon hung in the clouds with Mars
Reminiscing about times gone by
Mars recounted all the wars, almost too many to count
The Moon thought of peaceful times, few and far between
“Inflicting misery and woe are the ways of men,” reminded Mars
“Nothing can be done!”
December Moon hung alone in the trees at dawn
“My peace be with you!”

60 thoughts on “December Moon & Mars

  1. The dawn photo is beautiful with the moon in the trees, and it is interesting to see the quiet country road you live on. I very much enjoyed your words, Tim.

  2. That first shot is what I envision the end is like – I thought about adding a Lyric here to the Door’s The End, but then decided that song is just too disturbing. Stay OFF the blue bus.

    • The image can be seen as pretty disturbing. Especially when you compare it to the end. Thanks, Brian.

      • I like the hear what people see.

        On your like of my comment about the neighbor’s dog, The like notification that always reads “You might want to go see what they’re up to!” fit so well with my comment I thought it was your comment until I read the rest and realized it was a Like notification not a comment. I think I’m going TimKuKu!

  3. These moon shots are stunning.
    Terrific prose, Tim!

    Oh, I’ve done the new rough up. Holly has approved and is working on picking a song, and writing a few words. We are using 1 Resa Tree & 1 Tangle-Heart.
    We are so excited about the post!

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