56 thoughts on “The Look

  1. Dawn looks cold and beautiful over the mountains.

    It may be the lighting in that photo, but Gwendolyn looks like she has one blue eye and one green-yellow eye. She is a pretty cat. Spunk is his usual handsome self there. Is that Laurie’s artwork behind him?

    • Her eye color is because of two different temperature light bulbs in the overhead lights. Mornings have been cold into the low teens. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Beautiful picture of the dawn, Tim. Do you ever see one of the jets overhead and wonder who’s on board and where are they going and why? As always Spunk poses well, and Gwendolyn’s ear set says it all. From now on I’ll think of your kitties whenever we use the Mexican 4 cheese blend.

    • The kitties appriciate you thinking ot them. A lot of those jets are Fedex and UPS. I don’t often think about with who’s in them or where they are going. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  3. Is that a shooting star!!??? I just found a 2023 calendar with cat trivia. After I viewed your โ€œthe lookโ€ post, I can understand this bit of trivia explained on January 7: โ€œNapoleon Bonaparte, remembered for his courage on the battlefield, was afraid of cats.โ€ Didnโ€™t I tell you cats are superior beings!!!

    • It’s a jet. Cats don’t like people with Napoleon complexes. So I’m not surprised he was afraid of cats. Napoleon aslo rode a little horse. Maybe he was afraid of big horses and cats. There is a bunch of his artifacts in the Military Museum in Paris. Incuding his stuffed horse. Thanks, Rebecca.

  4. Yes… the look.
    I must say, Spunkie-Poo ๐Ÿ’‹ looks a lot more like Lauren Bacall than Gwendolyn.
    He can’t help it. He’s a matinee idol.

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