84 thoughts on “Feathers or Fur?

  1. I see a wolf in sheep’s clothing that just consumed a bird whose feathers are just outside of wolf’s mouth and on his nose. Wolf is looking down, with obvious black eye and dark open mouth in a snarl. (Great and interesting image, Tim)

    • Excellent seing. I can see a gnarly critter of some type and wolf in sheep clothing is a good one. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. I think more furry, but I also thought a slide-on duster head.
    I like the clouds idea, though. I’m drawing the AGMs in gowns inspired by 1940’s movie stars. Furs were a glamorous deal back then. As a veggie, a boa or wrap of clouds would be great! If I can pull that off? x

    • Of course. Llamas are perfect. Quite a few people raise llamas and alpacas in our village. Thanks, Geoff.

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