Lavender Moon

The last supermoon moon of summer covered in clouds like lavender lace.

A huge wasp buzzing around near the ground.



A teenage toad frowning with a frog face.

62 thoughts on “Lavender Moon

  1. Love your art, Tim! Such beautiful pictures. Those hawks are wonderful.
    WHY can I no longer see my moon? What the hell? I am rather beside myself, right now.

    • Thanks, Dale. Your moon should be seeing your moon if you have clear skies. It should have risen around 6:30 pm your time. The moon is full tonight.

      • My problem is where I am situated. Where I used to be able to see the moon, there is a big-ass tree obstructing my view! I am bummed and shall have to find somewhere to peruse…

      • That sucks when you can’t see the moon because of the trees. Actually the moon has to get over the trees on our property.

      • Excellent. I just got back in from shooting the moon rising through the clouds. I kinda got that “dรฉjร  vu all over again!” feeling.

  2. Wonderful moon shots and pretty Nighthawks. Pretty sure that big wasp is a Cicada Killer Wasp, probably a male. They love making their nests underground.

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures, Tim. I love the toad. We had lots of them back east but I have never seen one here in my area in all the years we have been here. Lots of tree frogs, though.

  4. I love all the nightjars – kind of scary to look at up close, but absolutely majestic as they patrol our summer skies. That was might be scarier looking than the nighthawk – is that just a mutant one or is that a specific species that grow that big?

    • That wasp is about 2 inches long. Very large. I think that’s it normal size. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Tim I love the dark lavender! It’s part of the fabrics I’ve gathered for the Art Gown to be dedicated to AGM Dale. Of course the one for Charlotte is first. I’ll send a pic manyana, so you can see!

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