46 thoughts on “Tristan’s Flowers

    • Thanks, Lavinia. A major thunderstorm just rolled through and dropped 4/10 of in inch of ran in 20 minutes.

    • I don’t know if you can get snakebite kits anymore. All the things in the snake kit are what you are not supposed to do when you get bit. More people may have died from tourniquets and infections from getting X’s cut by the bites and someone attempting to suck the venom out than died from the snake bites. A lot of snake bites are dry bites. No venom injected. No days there is one antivenom that covers most venomous snake bites in the USA. Thanks, Resa.

  1. Jealous you have the Lesser Goldfinch in your parts – at least I was able to get that checked off when we were in San Antonio earlier in the year. Beautiful flowers!

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