We had a doozy of a thunderstorm last night. While I was out photographing the lightning, the lightning took out my gigabit switch. I turned my NAS drives back on after the power came back on and stayed on afterand they couldn’t connect to the network. I finally figured out the switch wasn’t working. I dug out an older switch that solved the connection problem, but at 100MB/s it’s the connection is really slow. I ordered a new switch and a UPS backup to plug the switch and NAS drives into.

The lightning bolt in the fifth photo was so close that the flash and the boom were simultaneous, and then a torrent of rain came pouring down. I got under the cover of the deck, but the rain was blowing into the deck through the wire, so I finally went inside.

Glenda giving me dragon eyes.

61 thoughts on “Eye

    • I often go out in a storm to photograph lightning. I was talking to another photographer one time about how while people are running inside from the storm, we are running outside to photograph it. Thanks, Cheyenne.

  1. Great shots… a bit too scary for me. Bravely done my friend.
    And I sure do love the green eyed dragon.
    Enjoy your Tuesday my friend!

  2. I’m sorry the lightning took out your switch, but rather the switch than your good self. You must have been out under the storm. Great pictures though!

  3. Wow… that’s an intense light show. I’m glad the damage wasn’t any worse. All we got down here was the usual saber rattling, and a 30 second shower. (Better than nothing.) Fabulous shots of Glenda! Hugs on the wing.

    • It’s sad when people are alergic to kitties. You miss out on so much. Thanks, Charlotte.

      • I agree, I only found out when I cat sat in a friends flat for a week and my face, lips and eyes all swelled up, a rash down my neck on to my chest etc. turned out the cat liked to nap on the spare bed!

      • I’m thankfull I’m not allergic. I have cats all over me most of the time.

    • It was very intense with lightning atriking all around. Glenda is a beauty as is her sister Gwendolyn. It’s hard to tell them apart. Thanks, Samantha.

  4. Lightning is an impressive and potentially deadly natural phenomenon. The photos are beautiful, Tim. We rarely get lightning close by, and our cats hate it.

    Glenda is very pretty kitty, just like her sister.

  5. How do the cats handle the booms? – my older dogs aren’t exactly thrilled by it, but Ruger is oblivious to all danger so he goes on about his business.

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