Misty, a Mississippi Kite, is staying in Corrales for the summer.

We interrupt this post for a news flash. Søren has Tail Feathers! Yes! You heard it here first. Søren has tail feathers. For those of you who don’t know, Søren is our neurotic African Grey Parrot. Tristan and David got him around 2007. When Tristan and David divorced in 2014, Søren went crazy and pulled out all his feathers. We took Søren so he could live with a couple. He let all his feathers grow back, but he had been pulling out his tail feathers until a few weeks ago. Why he stopped pulling them out all of a sudden I can’t say, but he has figured out that he might be able to fly having all his feathers grown out. He finally looks like a whole African Grey Parrot.

Søren with his red tail feathers

The moon finally broke through the clouds for a bit last night.

64 thoughts on “Tourist

  1. Beautiful, and how wonderful about the tail feathers. I have a friend who had a parrot that did something very similar, under stressful situations. Sensitive, they are, I think.

    • Søren simply cusses out the cats. Immitates them. Mocks them. Sings songs about them. Calls them by name, and calls them names. They are not a threat or a least bit of a worry for him. Thanks, Cheyenne.

  2. I am so pleased to hear that Søren has his tail feathers. I am convinced that we underestimate the emotional responses of our fellow creatures. I believe that Søren may have been experiencing PSTD. – I say this seriously.

    • You are right, Rebecca. Søren had major PSTD and separation anxiety over David leaving. Sophia, the African Grey Tristan rescued, was depressed and mean because her owner had sold her to a pet shop after being with him for 16 years. Apparently, he had married a woman with a 16-year-old daughter who didn’t like Sophia. I would have thrown out the woman’s daughter. She would have stuck around for long anyway. It took Tristan a long time to get Sophia tamed down and back to normal.

  3. OMG! I’m so happy about Søren!
    He is gorgeous, beautiful… and so much more.
    This is another example of how our pets love us, in their way.
    Many children do not do well when parents divorce.
    It’s taken time, but Søren now trusts and loves you and Laurie. The cats could be part of it, part of the family.
    Søren is finally truly content and filled with a sense of well being!

  4. That kite is gorgeous!
    Goes to show that birds are emotional creatures and feel the stresses. So glad SØren feels happy enough to allow his tail feathers to grow back

      • Well, thats interesting to know that he can fly freely around the house.. i feel sorry for the caged bird.
        My pleasure!! 🙂

      • Søren’s cage is open all the time. He was complete freedom in his room. He gets in his cage on his own at night and asks to be put to bed (covered).

        Beaker is our conure. Their average lifespan in the wild is six years. The average lifespan in captivity is 20 years. Beaker is 30 years old now.

      • Wow, very interesting 👍😍 and glad to know how Søren is happy with you🙂 and surprised to know about the life span fact in captivity..i didn’t know that. Good to know about Beaker too😍

      • Parrots live many years longer in captivity because they have no preditors.

  5. Love those Kites – they just look mean ha! One was sighted flying over a local forest preserve about 30 minutes from us, but unfortunately Ron and I were chasing a rarity (actually a Swllow-Tailed Kite) in the exact opposite direction. Missed the Mississippi, but we now have the S-T checked off! Never new those birds would self-ground themselves like that – do you think it will try to fly now?

    • I was surprised the first time I identified the MKs. When I looked up their range, some of them come to bread in the upper Rio Grand valley. I’ve seen more MKs than usual this year. Thanks, Ron.

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