Beemer i = electric 3


Tristan bought a BMW i3 electric car. It was delivered this morning and she drove it out to show it off this afternoon. It’s a cool car. Well thought out and well designed.

Resa’s Tree under the Big Dipper.

64 thoughts on “Beemer i = electric 3

  1. Phenomenal first photo!
    Got to ask a possibly silly question; are there gears in an Ecar? Natty looking BMW.
    How come you have more stars than we do over here? Hahaha!

    • No gears. Forward, Reverse, Nuetral. Give it power it goes. Let off the power, it stops. Pretty simple.

      • It is exactly like a disabled scooter! Just if your disabled scooter could go 0-60 in 7 seconds πŸ˜€

      • Apparently, that is indeed eco mode. I’ve been corrected to 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds.

        It’s hard to count time when you’re teleporting, tbh.

  2. Wow… that’s really a cool car! I was in the garage last Monday for a yearly checkup of my Volvo. I checked out the new electric XC40 and it looks very attractive too.

  3. Ah….. what a dawn and how beautifully you captured the Big Dipper! I’m not really into electric cars but this one really is cool! May it give her many happy travels!

    • She as an adapter for the 220v dryer plug. Our electrician is installing a 220v plug next week. She can charge it at work, also.

    • Chips away! It took months for my BIL to get his new truck. My pharmacist is still waiting for a Bronco. Because of the chip shortage, my car’s NADA value is currently $10K more than I paid for it in 2019.

  4. If they only knew how to design a cup holder and understood Americans like bass in their radios ha! Linda just traded in her first year 1-Series twin turbo convertible.

    • It seems like SUVs are designed around cup holders. The i3 has a cup holder under the hood that Tristan said is supposed to hold a tire pump. What’s Linda getting? Thanks, Brian.

  5. We must not have seen this one yet because Scott would have been talking about it and showing it to me. This is really a lovely car and I am guessing expensive. It looks so nice from the inside and the outside and it doesn’t look too big either. We drive a smart car and are waiting for a car that doesn’t cost a fortune that is completely electric. What a beautiful picture of the dawn there. I bet that car is also super safe. She chose well! Happy Easter weekend you two. xoxoxoxo

    • Not that expensive. She got more on the car she traded in on it than the asking price for the i3. Thanks, Joni.

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