58 thoughts on “Dawn Blooming Dusk

  1. Is that your pear tree in bloom, Tim? It is beautiful! You had some spectacular clouds down there. It is overcast and misting rain this morning here.

  2. I have missed these amazing pictures! However… Miss Nancy has been exhausted from working a 3 day Rock and Gem Show. Today I feel like myself again. Happy Spring, Tim!

  3. That old Ford looks good in photo 3. Apple tree blossoms in 2? The emphasized skies are always cool. The beautiful tree branches combined with the other touches create a sense of a post-apocalyptic landscape, but it’s simply a different life view. So beautiful

      • I forget who has the plum tree. I think someone claimed it, but since I don’t remember who, maybe not. It’s next to Dale’s peach tree. The plum tree blumes early and the blossoms always freeze. It’s 22 years old and it survived frost one year in 2018 to produce fruit. The early butterflies and bees love it.

      • Yayay!
        I think I’ll email her about it. I’m working on a couple of drawings of her, for a special post.
        As you know, George is Romanian. His family is on the border taking in refugees. So, I’m doing drawings …blue and yellow for Ukraine, and dark blue, red and yellow for Romania. She’s knows the song she wants to use.
        She is such a sweetheart!

        Uch… another tech day, but I’m doing okay all in all. Amazing how many answers are online!

      • I just read Marina’s Wolf and Polar Bear post.
        You are totally adorable, Tim.
        We all adore you! xo

      • YES!
        She loves all animal and all nature, as do I. (and you!)
        That is what bonded us when we discovered each others blogs.
        This is a beauty of all the AGMs. They love our planet, and each tries in our own way to make things a teeny bit better. xo

  4. Looks like spring is popping down your way – we are supposed to start warming up now and fingers crossed we will get some color popping at the homestead.

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