49 thoughts on “I Can Haz Dirt

  1. How did she do that ??? Cats are usually very tidy, they brush immediately even if they think there is a little dirt or a bad smell sticking to their fur. 🙂

    • All our cats love rolling in the dirt and bringing loads of dirt in the house. They think we are silly for showering when we could roll in the dirt and lick ourselves clean like they do. Thanks, Rudi.

    • She was out in the catio, deck or porch where there is dirt, leaves, and pots with potting soil. Laurie had cleaned off the counter and was rather disgusted with Sasha. Sasha was pleased with herself on many counts. Most of the time there is little difference between the outdoors and indoors around here. Thanks, JYP.

  2. Sasha is a trainee duster and coming along well. She just has to learn to get the dust from inside and put it out, not the other way around. We tried to reunite a lost cat with no tail advertised on several lampposts along our walk with its owner last night. Unfortunately a different but identical, very friendly cat with no tail lives in a house surrounded by missing cat posters. You can no doubt imagine the rest!

    • Sounds like a no tail Catastrophy. It would be nice if Sasha would take dirt from inside to outside. Thanks, Susan.

  3. Now that is one dirty cat! Didn’t even know that cats actually got dirty, much less be seen by humans that way … unlike my dogs which think it is quite hilarious when they splash in the mud puddles and then proceed to tear through the house.

    • Dogs tend to be grosser and messier than cats. Especially when they find a dead skunk to roll on. Double stinkeroo. The cats also like to got out in the rain, get all wet, and then get under the covers with us. At least wet cats don’t smell like wet dogs.

    • Hi Julie. She cleaned herself up. That’s too undignified to be brushed out. Spunk and all the kitties roll in the dirt.

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